Healthy Eating Food An introduction for children

what do you think it means to be healthy lots of different things affect how healthy we are including what we eat and how active

 we are we know that all living things need food to stay alive have you ever wondered why this is can you think of a time you felt hungry how did it make you feel perhaps your tummy rumbled you felt tired,

 or grumpy or maybe you found it hard to concentrate why do you think we feel this way when we're hungry well just like a car needs fuel to make the engine work properly our bodies need food to be able to work properly as well today

 we're going to investigate what it means to eat a balanced diet and why eating a range of different food is good for us what is a balanced diet do you think it would be healthy to only ever eat chocolate what about if you only

 ever ate carrots it's very important that we eat a variety of foods and we're going to find out why food contains something called nutrients we'll be learning all about nutrients such as proteins carbohydrates vitamins and minerals eating a healthy 

diet means that the food we eat gives our bodies all of the nutrients they need to work properly as well as giving us lots of energy to learn play and grow keeping us full of beans for a morning till night